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Learn Play Grow is a unique health and fitness programme for children.

Each session takes the children on a new journey, a completely exclusive way to encourage children to get fit and healthy, using our learn play grow characters, pictures, stories and music.

Our sessions consist of active fun games, exercises and sporting activities.

Learn Play Grow helps children’s learning processes and the academic benefits are endless.

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we ensure we teach all our LPG kiddies to:

  • Recognise the importance of focus, concentration and discipline
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence
  • Progress their balances and reaction
  • Improve their eye hand co-ordination
  • Enhance rhythm and movement
  • Develop team building and communication skills
  • Understand the fundamentals of learning and listening
  • Appreciate fair play and sportsmanship

All courses include:

Sticker charts
These will give your children something to work towards and show their progression.

Colouring sheets
These will aid your children’s eye – hand co-ordination and imagination. They can write a note to our mascots on their sheet.

Letter from our LPG characters
Your children will receive a heart-warming and motivating letter from our mascots.

LPG Stories
These will be read to your children incorporating actions to the words. These stories will teach morals, concerning sportsmanship, bullying, competing, team building, and many more.

LPG songs
These are used to enhance movement and rhythm. The songs are a fun way of gaining concentration and listening skills.

All of our LPG kiddies will receive a certificate at the end of their course.


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"All our sporting champions and legends were once little children"