Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Learn Play Grow classes held?

  • Classes are held at various locations around the UK. You can find out if there’s a class near you and book a class by checking our booking page, (if there’s not a class near you why not start one yourself? Check our Franchising page for more information.)

How do I find my nearest Learn Play Grow class?

Are Learn Play Grow coaches trained?

  • Yes, all our coaches are fully trained and mentored by experienced Learn Play Grow trainers, and they all have to undergo enhanced DBS checks before they are approved as a Learn Play Grow coach. Training is ongoing and all coaches are supervised and shadowed by a trained staff member before they are entrusted with their own class.

Does Learn Play Grow hold children’s parties?

  • Yes! We love holding children’s parties so to find out more please take a look at our Learn Play Grow party page for more details and to book a party for your child.

What happens in a Learn Play Grow class?

  • Classes are tailored for specific age groups and settings. Children from the age of two are welcome, up to the age of seven, and we also offer PE provision for children up to the age of 11 so our classes are varied.
  • For younger children, we concentrate more on the music and movement, stories and fun games. As the children get older, we introduce the idea of team work and sportsmanship, as well as sports techniques, coordination and more.

How long does each session last?

  • Most of our sessions are timed to last from 45 minutes to an hour but this depends on your coach.

Do I need to bring anything along?

  • We suggest that children bring a drink with them to their classes, ideally water in a reusable (spill-proof) bottle.

What should my child wear for a Learn Play Grow session?

  • Comfortable, loose clothes that they can run around in.

Can parents take part in a class?

  • Yes, we encourage parents to stay with their children, and learn some of the routines so that that can play along and practice some of the skills they have been learning at home.

Is Learn Play Grow for girls and boys?

  • Yes we welcome girls and boys to our fun sessions and all of our groups are mixed.

How serious are the sports coaching part of a class?

  • We would love to encourage our Learn Play grow children to take up a sport, but obviously our classes are designed for small children, so although we teach them the skills they would need to take up a sport later on, we start by introducing activity that they will enjoy and giving them a love of sport and play.

Can you buy Learn Play Grow merchandise anywhere?

  • You can order merchandise from your coach – or visit our online shop.

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