Why Learn Play Grow

If you’re thinking about booking a kids’ party, Learn Play Grow is just a bit different. If you want top quality school PE provision that fits your school and the kids in it, we can help, and if you want lively and active children’s sports clubs, kids’ lunchtime, after school and school holiday clubs that will engage and inspire, look no further that Learn Play Grow.

We love working with kids of all ages, and we pride ourselves on knowing what kids (and their parents) like. Our ethos is all about bringing sport and fitness to kids in a non-patronising, fun way that may even give them the bug for sport as they grow older. For the little ones we have stories, songs and fun and games; we even have our own specially designed characters to bring the sessions to life.

We have a great range of fun and entertaining children’s parties available too, where we offer fantastic value, great fun and a truly individual kids’ party that your child will really enjoy. We can adapt parties to the child so there’s no more identikit parties. Catering, venue and everything down to party bags, cakes and presents for the birthday child are all taken care of if you need them.

Why us? Well we have years of experience working with children and we know what they love to do.

Find out more about Learn Play Grow by contacting us for more information; we’ll be happy to talk to you about whatever you need.

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