We love Learn, Play, Grow at Edelweiss! Having had their regular sessions here at nursery for 4 years now, we see how it helps the children progress with their physical skills aswell as being able to listen and take part in group activities, all while having so much fun.

Oliver is not naturally sporty and I think the method of teaching was fantastic to help children of all abilities. It was so valuable and I haven’t found anything that comes close to it since. Oliver loved LPG and I think it helped his confidence and improved his co-ordination whilst teaching him specific sporting skills.

The certificates and stickers worked brilliantly to inspire the children and make them love it even more. An amazing concept which is run by lovely, friendly, talented and professional staff who make it a fabulous place to Learn, Play and Grow!

LPG include a range of activities that cover various areas of development e.g. turn taking games with numbers and bean bags’

LPG introduce the children to a range of sports equipment which they may not have seen before’

Lindsay is so positive with the children, encouraging everyone to join in and really takes time to get to know the children and their names

LPG sessions are fun with their characters and use topics during the ‘special message’ such as road safety or brushing our teeth

LPG sessions and activities are adapted to suit all ages and abilities of children attending. Activities are provided with encouragement, engagement and lots of praise to build confidence in our children

LPG provided a great combination of fun, exercise and teaching, which are all such important things in children’s experiences.

We used Learn Play Grow for our sons 5th birthday party and it was brilliant. They carried out lots of different activities & the parents were all amazed at how well their children focused and followed the instructions. I think Marvin the monkey went down really well too! It was very well organised & professional, we would highly recommend.

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