Learning Benefits Through Play

Children have always learned through play, and they find out about their abilities, how to socialise with other people and how the world works as they play and learn, whether at home, at school or nursery or in fun sport and fitness based play sessions like Learn Play Grow.

It’s fascinating to watch kids pick up things about the world and how they fit into it as they play and learn, and with the right type of play based learning they can be inspired and encouraged to try new things, push themselves creatively and physically, and learn to work with their friends, family and teachers to achieve goals even from a young age.

With play based learning sessions for young children such as Learn Play Grow, childrens’ natural thirst and excitement for learning is stimulated with the help of enthusiastic coaches, fun activities and challenges we set them to explore different ideas and possibilities. We love to watch kids learning through play, with our stories, activities and characters all on hand to add some colour to the sessions, and energetic games that will keep them fit and healthy at the same time.

Learn Play Grow is on a mission to bring inspiring, fun and active play based learning and a love of sport and activity to children from a very early age.

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