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Welcome to Learn Play Grow, Glasgow City and Lanarkshire

We here at LPG are passionate about developing the overall health and well being of our young people.

There are many exciting and innovative ways in which we can being to achieve this. At LPG we offer bespoke physical activity and education classes within nurseries, schools and the wider community. These range from generic multi activity sessions to sport specific classes and birthday parties.


Learn Play Grow Glasgow City and Lanarkshire, is owned by a qualified PE teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. Our school health and well being programmes offer fun, creative, inclusive content and are planned in line with the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

Our bespoke school packages can include:

  • Breakfast/ Lunchtime/ After-school clubs
  • CPD for teachers
  • PE lessons
  • Mindful learning programmes
  • Sports days
  • School parties/events
  • Early Years and Primary 1 clubs (LPG activity sessions)

Our after school and lunchtime clubs cater for Primary 1-7. We can offer generic multi sport sessions or sport specific clubs at the request of the school. Each lunchtime club is 30 minutes and after school club is 60 minutes long.


Our nursery sessions are fun, engaging and active. They are delivered by our PE specialist or one of our fully qualified play workers and coaches. Our sessions take the children on a new journey, a creative and unique way to encourage children to get fit and healthy, using our Learn Play Grow characters, pictures, stories and music. Our sessions consist of active, fun games, exercises and sporting activities.

We can provide bespoke physical education packages for nurseries which can include:

  • PE lessons
  • Meditation and mindfulness for children
  • Sports days
  • Nursery parties/events
  • CPD for early years staff

Community Classes

Our community classes run throughout the areas of North/South Lanarkshire and the City of Glasgow, they are physically active and fun providing generic multi sports and sport specific sessions. Parents can come along and interact with their children in a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment.


Team LPG can cater to all your party needs! From set up to delivery and unique extras to make every party exciting and memorable. Our party packages are planned to meet your exact requirements.

These can include:

  • LPG multi sport parties
  • Sport specific parties
  • Disco parties
  • Character visits
  • Invitations and tableware
  • Birthday cake
  • Party favours
  • Birthday card and gift for child

LPG is an active and creative opportunity for children to have fun and develop life long skills. We encourage each child to be authentic and develop and grow with a positive outlook on life.

We would love to work with you and see you at some of our sessions. For any questions or more information please contact or call 07852 354239.

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