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Our Nursery Classes – Walking to Four

Pre-school Learn Play Grow classes are designed to get small people thinking and learning as well as playing and having heaps of fun. You’ll find them in day nurseries and pre-schools and they are specifically designed to appeal to the imaginations of nursery age children (and younger).

One of the main focuses of a Learn Play Grow nursery class is getting the little people moving, while complementing their nursery education and other pre-school activities with creative and active play, age-appropriate learning and development activities that stimulate their physical and mental skills in a way they’ll love.

Our nursery class coaches encourage pre-school children to learn all about their surroundings and get active – they will play with scarves, tap sticks and pompoms, and enjoy fun adventure style activities with our Learn Play Grow characters – circus play with Perry the Penguin or a treasure hunt with Cameron the friendly Crocodile!

Pre-school class Learn Play Grow kids all seem to love interacting with our fun characters and each has their own personality and tale to tell.

As well as giving kids small, easily achievable goals to work for, linked to their class activities and tasks, they are rewarded with fun stickers and certificates ‘signed’ by the characters, so they are always aiming for something. This gives them a real sense of achievement from a very early age.

Learn Play Grow activity sessions all have a specific focus –for example teaching children specific physical skills like agility and speed, balance or hand eye coordination. Our stories and character-led activities focus on subjects like healthy eating, staying safe and looking out for each other. Find out more – just contact your local Learn Play Grow team for information.

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